Effervescent Forest

Pink Fluid
Effervescent Forest

Pink Fluid & Effervescent ForestAcrylic on canvas

Installed at Fluid. Feminine. Unrestrained.No format gallery, Deptford, January 2018

“This is no longer a forest, but a forest of silhouettes, two-dimensional cut-outs of unnerving beauty, all form, so purely form that form collapses into effervescence…” M. Taussig

The wilderness as theatre is echoed in Anna Garrett’s raw neon paintings. Loose and dripping abstractions suggest the forms of plants and undergrowth at night: fluorescent creeper brushstrokes in darkness. An other-worldly existence in nature is suggested through gestural painterly presence of the artist, almost an overwhelming and fleshy use of colour. Being physically swamped, absorbed, consumed, dwarfed by plants and nature informs the paintings. Remaining deceptively flirtatious: Anna’s interest lies in the power of nature and wilderness, seductive yet potentially dangerous.