Notes from the Fieldseries of four pencil drawings on paper, printed publication, Quadrat grid, Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show, 2019. 

Notes from the Field, is an amateur entomological and botanical study in four locations, at five different times of day. The Monoculture Field, Front Garden, Roadside Verge and Meadow - although ecologies within 150m of each other, they each support widely different multispecies entanglements. Growing up in this area and walking almost daily across the fields, In 2018 the Monoculture Field was sprayed repeatedly with herbicide, including hedgerow. Maize now grows as close to its boundaries as possible. With histories of human use and abandonment, the adjacent Meadow has rewilded itself. Entanglements of scrub, grasses and trees provide a site of resistance: homes for insects and wild life. Yet this area is again under threat. The project came about through a need to emphasise the Meadow’s biodiversity, its interconnectedness and ecological value to the community of nonhumans and humans alike. Threats to wilder patches continue despite awareness of global ecological breakdown and sixth mass-extinction - including the recent alarming data of plummeting numbers of insects and pollinators. Habitat loss and pesticide pollution are major factors to this downward spiral. 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have been lost since 1950. This work is a blueprint for further projects to engage with local communities and specific sites: entomological and botanical surveys focussed within the space of the ‘Quadrat’ grid, to gain better understanding of the wildness that surrounds us. This is an act of drawing as ecological activism. A.G

Featured in online ecological magazine The Learned Pig.